A membership where you get quick and efficient tech support.  Stop Googling and waiting in line for mediocre service, just Ask The Tech Expert.

*We're specialized in Activecampaign, ConvertKit, DeadlineFunnel, Teachable, Kajabi, Zapier, ThriveCart, Wordpress, SquareSpace, EasyWebinar and similar tools on the market for running an online business.

Get in today and we'll get your systems projects done with peace.


Instead of scaling your business and taking those vacations you built this business to take, you’re now stuck googling how to [insert tech here].

admin tasks that aren't adding to the bottom line, and keep annoyingly fall through the cracks no matter how diligent you and your team try to be 

✘ that sales funnel that you spent wayyyyy too much time on because it's just  "not it" 

✘ pulling your hair wondering how the heck you can make this complicated thing happen without hiring an expensive expert 

✘ new shiny tech tools that you just can't help but checking out instead of making the most of all the software you already paid for

✘ the new funnel trend you’re doing only because your biz bestie is  - but  it's not working,  duh!

Have you ever had a brilliant workflow idea to improve your clients' and students' experience,  but then immediately wondered  “Is this even  possible?” 


 My clients keep having tech issues that ruin their peace and joy and the business. They feel resentful for paying so much money to these platforms with zero support. Agreed. Seriously, WTF?

They want to have a tech person to go to for answers. Not only how to troubleshoot (quickly), but also to find new and innovative ways to solve a workflow problem.

 Some of my clients are more tech savvy, some are not. Either way, they have better things to do than to find and read through documents after documents to become more tech efficient. Googling is not so easy. Knowing what to search is a beast on its own.

A support system for solopreneurs & lean business owners to get unlimited access to a tech nerd with a savvy business brain.
Heyy, I'm Anh!

I help online business owners like you simplify and streamline their backend workflows and processes with automations, SOP's, yadadida (yummy stuff).

My magic is in the weird ways I make ANY tech work (quickly!) for your business idea  so they actually get done before you abandon it for another new shiny project

I created this membership because so many clients come to me "not having enough work" to hire a tech person but really need a tech-savvy, strategic partner to accelerate their business.

I'm here to answer to those "How do I do that?" questions - with all the possibilities of technology in mind.

You'll get:
30 minutes with me 1-on-1 as your tech OBM to get your tech and systems working for your next launch.
Get expert eye on your tech stack and automated workflows to make sure all scenarios are accounted for.
Private slack
Get tech solutions SOP style - you'll be more tech savvy to scare the tech gremlins away!
Get in today and we'll get your systems projects done with peace.
How this works..

Upon purchase (keep the receipt for tax write-off!), you'll get a link to book our onboarding call. This'll help me support you in just the way you need.

Instantly gain access to our Slack channel to start getting SOP-style answers for your tech q's and systems audit to make sure your backend is hands-off and in tip top shape!

Get in Slack every time a tech thing comes up to stop wasting your CEO time finding answers on the internet and instead, get the personalized solution that fits your business needs.

Ready to... 

Run your business as the big dreamer you are, because it's technically (literally!) possible?

Make quick and solid decisions on how to execute on your ideas?

Never have to deal with tech dilemmas and systems nightmares ever again?

Get in today and we'll get your systems projects done with peace.
Once you complete checkout, membership access info will be emailed to you immediately. 
Here's what our members are saying! 

"With Anh along my side, I truly feel as though I have a collaborative partner. If a system is incapable of doing what I'd like for it to do, she comes with alternatives. What I appreciate the most about Anh is that I don't have to figure out anything. I tell her the objective, she strategizes and comes back with a seamless, streamlined, and hassle-free user experience system."

Alyssa Tolentino
Agency Owner

"Anh is not only highly knowledgeable, technically skilled, but also calm and supportive. She is a wonderful and encouraging presence who sees possibilities and opportunities in all aspects of the business. She sees the big picture and is at the same time very well aware of all the little puzzle pieces and the timeline."

Katja Trmcic
Success Coach

“Anh loves the work that she does and will treat your business like it's her baby. Anh executes faster than the speed of light. She catches mistakes before they come up, and she keeps her eye on the big picture and on every detail. During my last launch, she would troubleshoot at all hours, and for long hours - exhilarated by every challenge. And she does it all with grace, ego-free, and with a sparkle in her eye.”

Ela Thier
Film School Owner

If you tried..

 finding random FB groups and communities online to ask your burning tech questions, but crickets

 ditching the tech for an alternative, but now with trust issues. You end up spending months trying to find the "best" tech (you must know by now, there is none)

 channeling your inner Karen to get a manager for the tech issue because the live chat agents are even more clueless that you are!

Let me  do the "dirty work" for you.

I've dedicated years and years learning ALL the things so I have a rounded perspective on different "secret frameworks" being taught out there in the business world. 

And you can access all of that in Ask A Tech Expert membership before spending another thousand dollar on yet another funnel course.

Still not sure if  Ask A Tech Expert  is right for you?
This membership is *PERFECT* for you if…
You're done winging and DYI-ing all those zaps and CRM setups that just "kinda" work.

Your business' built for growth, and your tech needs to keep up with you!

You’ve got a working offer(s) and now you’re ready to scale and serve more students on part time hours -that means no more manual work on your daily todo list!!
Skip right on if..
You don't care for new ways to automate your workflows.

You don't plan to scale and are already happy with your tech setup.

 You have a running list of tech things you need done ASAP. In which case, check out my done-for-you offers  (www/
Questions? Fire away! 
  • Can I cancel the membership?
    Of course, you can do so within the membership portal, or just email us at
  • What's your refund policy?
    Hassle-free guarantee: If you're unhappy with the purchase, email us and we'll issue a full refund within 7 days of enrollment.
  • What software do you work with?
    ActiveCampaign, Convertkit (and most other CRM's), Zapier, Easywebinar, Crowdcast, DeadlineFunnel, Teachable, ThriveCart, Google Suite, Wordpress, WebinarJam, Kajabi, Kartra,, Airtable, Acuity & too many more…
  • Can I hire you to do a thing?
    Check out my done-for-you offers here:
  • Got another question?
    DM me @techvateam on IG or email us at
READY TO kill your tech gremlins?

Let's get your backend in tip top shape (hello touch-free onboarding!) -  without having to spend thousands, or 80 hour weeks to get it. 

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